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"In play a child always behaves beyond his average age, above his daily behaviour. In play it is as though he were a head taller than himself."

Lev Vygotsky
(Russian psychologist 1896-1934)

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Our goal at Nature Play Solutions is to offer diverse play experiences that connect kids with nature while also supporting a range of curriculum outcomes.

Our Incursions are lead by experienced, enthusiastic play workers. Teachers are provided with resources for planning and preparation. We bring and set up all appropriate materials on the day as well as clear and pack up thoroughly at the conclusion of the event.

Each Incursion can be tailored to suit who will be playing - from pre-kindy kids to teenagers, a child/parent event or even a staff play day to consolidate learning about the benefits of play.

Our Incursion will provide kids with:

  • An open-ended play experience

  • An opportunity to plan and prepare for the event

  • A creative and energetic outlet

  • New textural and sensory experiences

  • A chance to be out of their comfort zone

  • Permission to be ‘silly’ and have fun

  • Stories of fun and adventure to talk, draw and write about

A Nature Play Solutions Incursion is an opportunity to open up discussion, imagination and discovery.

Play Workers are always there to lead the play without restricting the childrens' natural capacity to create.

Towards this goal we bring you our Incursions...

Nature Play Solutions Incursions are a springboard for quality play which help children develop skills required by current Australian Curriculum, as well as characteristics essential for their journey through life.

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Messy Mud Days

Our Messy Mud Day Incursions provide an ideal opportunity to engage children in a unique and fun play activity. We come to you with our very own mud mix for a special Muddy Day.

The concept invites children to be involved in planning and preparing for the event and can encourage them to discuss and decide ideas such as what they should wear, what toys or 'loose parts' they might want and how they could be used, how will it be cleaned up and what will be the best way to retell their experience.

For some children the prospect of direct contact with mud and the chance to get dirty might be a challenge. The unstructured nature of the activity provides a relaxed playful setting for these children to practice coping strategies, overcome their hesitation and develop skills in resilience. For other children, the event will provide an opportunity to showcase their creativity and imagination. Something they can really immerse themselves in!

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Loose Parts Play

Most of us have seen kids have more fun with the cardboard box than with the toy that was in it!

Nature Play Solutions has embraced this concept and put together an eclectic collection of natural and manufactured, recycled or recyclable materials for a unique Loose Parts Play experience. Loose Parts are not toys. They are items with no defined use that can be moved, changed and manipulated. Loose Parts come with no instructions: rather, they invite children to use their own imagination and creativity and develop their own play scripts.

Loose Parts Play provides plenty of decision making opportunities: to build, to invent, to choose, to collaborate, to consider.... Loose Parts Play suits each individual child's level - so that a 'just right' challenge level can be attained by many kids of different ages, at the same time.

Loose Parts Play can also be established as a permanent fixture in your school or centre. A Nature Play Solutions play worker will provide all of the required resources and lead you through how to take advantage of the benefits Loose Parts Play offers.

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Cubby Making

Creating, constructing, co-operating... young people have nearly all that it takes to make a great cubby, and what is lacking in materials is what Nature Play Solutions bring for your Cubby Making Incursion. The sense of achievement a child experiences when sitting within their very own cubby will be both memorable and rewarding.

Our Cubby Making Incursions allow children to work together to build a simple lean-to, a sturdy tee-pee or even an attempt at a cardboard Taj Mahal. When kids are provided with sticks, fabric, ropes, hay... the results can be astounding. While they are busy with planning and building they are also engaging in a variety of curriculum learning areas.

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Curriculum Outcomes

Nature Play Solutions Incursions are unique, fun activities for a single class or whole school. Our incursions support a range of curriculum learning areas including:

  • The Arts

  • English

  • Health

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Society and Environment

  • Technology and Enterprise

Our experienced and qualified play workers will help you to determine a curriculum outcome focus or meet particular learning targets as required.

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